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….Cretanagora managed to deliver both dreams to us without us getting our hands dirty!.....

We then did something that we would never advise people to do.  We gave them power of attorney and access to a bank account!! …

So why Crete, and why build?    Extracts from Village Link magazine article

... The story continues:
In 2007 we made another purchase…

Many Thanks for your help in my recent visit to Crete...



Crete property for sale from www.cretanagora.com

With a Cretan property you can live permanently or holiday in Crete in your own home, or exchange your Cretan house for a holiday elsewhere. Cretanagora offers Crete property for sale as holiday homes or permanent residences. All our plots are suitable to be licensed for building. We are based in Spili, near Rethymnon, in the centre of the island.

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Prices from
76,580 euros   for land + house

Crete Property Agia Galini Villa sea view
Sea view
Crete Property - Villa with mountain views
Mountain view

      This website has been created for you who:
  • Wish to buy land on the popular Greek island of Crete;
  • Want land located in areas with lovely views and good for investment
  • Wish to keep the island unspoilt;
  • Want to enjoy the real Crete;

     The builder's house
portfolio comprises of:
  • Mainly detached homes surrounded by garden
  • Well-built and well-equipped Crete property;
  • Offered at very reasonable prices;
  • Cretan properties that are good investments - easy to resell or rent

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No gimmicks - just Crete property for sale at low prices

Crete property for sale from www.cretanagora.com